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VRA magazine 23/11/5

VRA magazine

23/11/5 (SUN)


VIRGOwearworks 2023AW collection [The initial Impulse]


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- INFORMATION - VIZ store-tokyo TEL 03-6416-5757 (13:00~20:00) ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ V-STORE [ VIRGO ONLINE STORE ] ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ー・ SNSなどのリンク一覧はこちら

1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 10, 2023

I really like the way these magazines are designed. The design itself looks amazing. I also work in the marketing department and I'm looking for interesting design tools to improve my projects. For example, walmart interior pictures perfectly complemented my new project. It is these high-quality images that give my work an incredible result.

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